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Email Marketing Guide

Accelerate Your Email Marketing Campaign!

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Email marketing is the hottest topic in 2021. Twitter acquired Revue, a newsletter platform for publishers in January this year. HubSpot acquired The Hustle, a media startup that specialized in newsletters in February. Facebook started testing a newsletter tool for publishers in March.

And when big players of the digital world started showing their interest in newsletters then it is obvious that the topic of email marketing gets heated in media channels. And that exploded the bomb of curiosity in other players to rethink their email marketing strategy. As a result, email marketing got more attention from marketing experts.


A Small Guide.

To Rank Better in Search Engines.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the backbone of Search Engine Marketing(SEM). Businesses know the power of SEO. That’s why they are investing millions of dollars in marketing. Now they are dedicated to focusing more on SEO.

Today, we all know that marketing means more visibility on the internet. And to do so, we need SEO, which is a crucial element of internet marketing. And if you don’t have time to focus more on SEO? Hire an SEO Analyst.

But your focus should be on hiring an SEO expert, who is knowledgeable, experienced, and unbiased.

Today's talk is all about being unbiased…

A person who is wearing black suit and black spectacle cornered with blue colour, holding a magnifier lens from both hands.
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Building a blog or new website takes a lot of effort.

I am a big fan of software engineers, web developers and the people who power the internet world, behind screens.

They work very hard to build the design of a new website.

It takes a lot of time.

I also know the joy when hard work pays off. As a result, we see a brand-new website that people love.

Millions of users are visiting, using the content and sharing a few words on the internet about your brand-new website.

That feels amazing. But sometimes we need some tools to…

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Social media is a powerhouse to boost brand awareness. And you know it. And it’s power.

Do you know the impact of social media optimization on brand awareness? Do you know social media can change the perspective of customers? And do you know search engines look at social media for brand’s reputation?

You should know all these things. That matters. These affect your brand reputation. That’s why never put this thought in the dustbin, just to avoid, your stress level. Never. Instead, start working on it.

Why it is so important?

Because you have to make your brand stand out…

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We are living in an era of social media.

Millions of users are rolling their eyeballs on mobile screens.

Poor eyeballs!

They are eagerly searching for content that is valuable and helpful.

In the same way, publishers, bloggers, content marketers or writers are working hard to create content.

To get the attention of those poor eyeballs rolling here and there.

They are working hard to deliver useful as well as qualitative content.

May be you are one of them, a writer, blogger or just a content marketer. You are a publisher of that great content. …

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जल ही जीवन है!

ये हमनें ना जानें कितनी ही बार सुना है।

लेकिन कल जब धुआँधार बरसात हुई तो तो ये बात फिर याद आ गयी और मन में ख्याल आया कि आखिर जल से जीवन का और बारिश का क्या सम्बन्ध हो सकता है? या कोई सम्बन्ध है भी कि नहीं?

मन इसी उधेड़बुन में ही था कि यकायक एक विचार मन में कौंधा और मन की जिज्ञासा का हल सामनें था।

प्यासे को जल बिना चैन कहाँ।

ये शरीर जल की अनंत बूंदों में जीवन पाता है। प्यास से जो तड़प उठी थी वो जल पाकर तृप्त…

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चिड़ियों नें चहचहाना शुरू कर दिया है।

पर्वतों से आती मंद बयार पेड़ों को लहराती हुई प्राणियों के शरीर में नई ऊर्जा का संचार करनें लगी हैं।

सूर्य क्षितिज से निकलकर ऊपर आकाश की और गतिमान है अंधकार तो मानो सिर पर पैर रखकर भागा जा रहा है।

लोग नित्य-प्रति के कार्यों में व्यस्त हैं भारत जाग चुका है।

स्नान करनें के बाद कोई सूर्य को अर्घ्य दे रहा है तो कोई तुलसी के पौधों को जल अर्पित कर रहा है। कोई अपनें काम पर जाते वक़्त पीपल या बरगद के पेड़ों को प्रणाम कर रहा है।

अगर आपनें कभी…

Narendra Modi in Namastey Position
Prime Minister Narendra Modi | ANI File Photo

सुबह उठा तो भारत में पिछले 24 घंटे में कितनें कोरोना केस आये हैं ये जानने की इच्छा हुई।

बिना देरी किये गूगल बाबा की शरण ली तो पता चला आंकड़ा चार लाख़ पार कर चुका है और मौतें भी चार हजार के करीब पहुँच चुकी हैं। देख कर दिल बैठ सा गया।

ख़ुद को सँभालने की जद्दोजहत कर ही रहा था कि टीवी पर ख़बर आई की दक्षिण भारत में कोरोना का कोई नया म्युटेंट पता चला है। 24 घंटें में ही फेफड़ों का काम तमाम कर देता है।

जयपुर में 32 साल की युवती की मौत हुई डॉक्टरों…

Facebook Messenger and Facebook Icons are Adjacent to Each Other with three to four water drops at triangle of whole image.
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Tom is a laptop technician. He is planning to start a business for selling and repairing old laptops.

But he feels a little bit stressed about how people will know about his business?

At the start, Tom was thinking of promoting his business through advertising boards. He also thought of distributing pamphlets to every person who will come in contact with him.

Then someone suggested to Tom that he should promote his business through online marketing. But Tom thinks it almost impossible for him to promote his business online.

According to Tom, he is not a techy guy, so it…

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Starting is not an easy task.

But, there is another aspect too. That is, to get results, we have to start anyway.

The marketing world is not different from that. Whenever you start a project, it looks hard at the start.

But once you start working on it, it will look easy.

Some tasks have unique methods to perform. If you know these methods, the task becomes easier gives a better result.

Due to this reason, today, I am going to tell you everything about social media marketing. The best practices and methods that online marketers are using.

Remember, when…

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